My 20 Years in the Navy
My 20 years in the Navy with Brian and Jason during retirement, in navy, oasu, ses 100a, vxn8, vx8, caron, springfield, blue eagles.
My navy career started out at a recruiter office in 1963 at Ellsworth Kansas. At eighteen I got a bus ticket to Great Lakes Naval Training Center.

I had spent my last 5/7 years at St. Francis Boys home in Kansas. If I remember we had about twenty boys at the home. The ages ranged from six to eighteen. We considered each of us as a brother. John Regalado from Texas made contact.

We attended county schools, played all sports, attended all events just like all of the kids did.

Father Peter Francis made sure we had everything any kid could want and gave us more.
 My twenty years in the Navy took me from being an eighteen year old to a thirty seven year old adult. The Navy taught me a lot about life in general, let me go to many places and meet a lot of people. I enjoyed most of my duty stations. My career started out as an Fireman Apprentice (FA), Fireman (FN), Engineman (EN3), (EN2), (EN1), Gas Turbine Tech Mechanical, (GSMC) and (GSCS). In 1982 I was number three on the Master Chiefs list, no open E9 slots were available in Norfolk Virginia, only Mayport Florida, so I chose to retire. As a Senior Chief I was appointed to sit on the Chief board to select new E7. Earned My Air Crew wings as a black shoe while flying in Vietnam. Became a navy diver self contained (no mixed gas) to support the SES 100-A experimental surface effect ship 100 ton craft (40' wide X 80' long) on which I was assigned to the position as the ships test craft engineer.

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Great Lakes Training Command
  June 1963 to September 1963
My 20 years of awards while in the Navy, the navy, oasu, ses 100a, vxn8, vx8, caron, springfield, blue eagles.
My twenty years in the navy, Medals Earned, My 20 years in the Navy, in the navy, oasu, ses 100a, vxn8, vx8, caron, springfield, blue eagles.
Fireman Apprentice to Senior Chief
       USS Springfield CLG-7
  September 1963 to June 1967
 OASU Patuxent River West Pac
  June 1967 to September 1967
          USS Caron DD 970
September 1977 to January 1980
        FTC Norfolk, Virginia
January 1976 to September 1977
            oyster buyboats
 I bought a big boat, got a 100 ton Coast Guard license and made myself a full Captain.
USS Caron DD 970 Reunion
    Saint Francis Boys Home
  ????????   TO   June 1963
Ellsworth Kansas High School
       oyster buyboats
     Became a Captain
     Became a Captain
   USS Springfield CLG 7  Reunion