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VXN8 Pax River, West Pac Detachment
September 1967 to March 1971.

Name change from OASU to VX8 in September, then to VXN8, same job but doing a little extra work. Our group of air planes became larger to do other projects throughout the world. I remained assigned to the Westpac detachment supporting four special configured planes. Three were in country at a time with the forth in rework, two in Saigon with the other up north in Danang. Put a total of over three years in Vietnam. I along with a black shoe electrician maintained AC power and air conditioning to operate and cool all of the transmitting equipment. Some of our planes took weapons fire (direct hits) letting the air crew earn two Air Medals which I wore with pride along with my Air Crew Wings as a black shoe.
Blue Eagel 6
Buyboat Blue Eagle 444 in revampment
BBlue Eagle 6
Blue Eagle 627, 655 and 444
Blue Eagle 655
Blue eagles
Cable weight to pull it out for transmission, over 1000 + feet
Zumwalt  visit
En1 Thony with onboard Diesel Generator
This is how weearned our Air Medals
On board electronic equipment, some you can talk about and some it was not really on board
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