Low Priority Work Award
Surflant Ready Support Group
June 1980 to July 1983.

Transferred from the USS Caron DD-970 to RSG Type Desk officer for all Gas turbine ships and the four Nuclear Cruisers homeported in Norfolk. All work that could not be accomplished by Norfolk Naval Shipyard was assigned to outside contractors supporting the navy. I maintained this list of qualified contractors and supported the maintenance repairs on the ships. At this time I was an E8 going up for Master Chief. When the list came out for E9s I was number three in the gas turbine ratings. Knowing I was going to get one of the gas turbine ships I made sure all of the problems had been fixed on each of them. Life would have been good with no major problems for the first couple years. When it came time to put E9 on my detailer said I had to go to Mayport, Florida with no E9 billets availableĀ in Norfolk. I then decided to retire as an E8. It has been a good decision.
I was awarded the below plaque for "Low Priority Work Award". It seems I misunderstood an Admirals Aid about how many he needed and the money I used. I was sent TAD to FY-83 CPO Selection Board.
USS Caron DD-970
USS Peterson DD-969
USS Radford DD-968
USS Spruance DD-963
USS Comte De Grasse DD-974
USS Arkansas CGN-41
USS Mississippi CGN-40
USS Texas CGN-39
USS Virginia CGN-38
Gas Turbine Powered DD's
Gas Turbine Powered DD's
Nuclaer Powered Cruisers
Assignment to FY-83 E7 Selection Board