West Pac Detachment 
                    Out of Patuxent River Maryland

    Ressa Blair was planning for a Reunion at Pax River. Not enough attendees committed to Guarantee obligations. Still Trying to help out with a running list. New list started 01/03/24. Names in 2nd list will be moved up when verified,
Updated on: 01/11/24                        NEW Reunion date ??-?????
Patuxent River Naval Air Station, Lexington Park, Maryland. Blue Eagles started out assigned to Oceanographic Airborne Survey Unit (OASU, 1 July 1965), then renamed Air Development Squadron Eight (VX-8, 1 July 1967), then renamed Oceanographic Development Squadron Eight (VXN-8, 1 January 1969) to support West Pac Detachment Project Jenny. Disestablished 1 October 1969
Blue Eagle 627
Blue Eagle 627
Blue Eagle 627
If you look at some of the links below you will see that our air craft supported many different projects. In the 60's and 70's a lot of the work was classified as Black Ops. This is what the United States placed many projects and money under to accomplish things without publicity as to what the cost of and the classified mission was. Some of the work in Jenny was this.
Many days you would see aircraft with no marking in one of our assigned slots, stay overnight and leave early. I remember this all black P2V with jet pods and no visible lights with guns mounted on her. Along with a few other gun ships. It stayed overnight. Air America's C-47's stayed overnight, was glad to provide assist and help with things when they needed items.

          Live Television
        Blue Eagle Nest
        Naval Cover
vxn8 west pac detchment base. My 20 years in the Navy, in the navy, oasu, ses 100a, vxn8, vx8, caron, springfield, blue eagles.

(1David L Wright, (1) VA 
(2) Jeffery Turner, (2) 
(3) Roger Huot, (2)
(4) Ed Matteson, (2)
(5Charles L Littlefield, (2)
(6) Larry Brabec, (2)
(7) Bob Vogelzang, (1)
(8) Billy Briggs Sr, (1)
(9) David Tice, (1)
(10) Steve McLaughlin (2)
(11) John Roberts (2)
(12John Kenney Sr. 
(13) Bill Smith
(14) Howard Braden
(15) Jeff Rousseau
Blue Eagel 6
Blue eagles
Blue Eagle 627, 655 and 444
  Those Interested send a Email to  info@oysterbuyboats.com  with full name 
  and the state you live in, (number attending), email address if you want listed

(16) Henery OZ Osborne
(17) Ron Repper (2)
(18) Brad Muller (2)

Donald Meyer
Ron James Murt 
Edward Kolodziej 
Angela Lancaster 
Dan C Baugh 
Jeff Bonomo 
Dennis A Whitaker 
Luella Harvell
Dan Shannon 
Dan Crumbaugh
Zak Cohen
Dick Chubb
Lavancia Chubb 
Joe Rolwing
Eileen O'Gorman 
Flo Turner
Bud Barber 
Robert Katzberg
Sharon R Brower
Roger Hardin
Alvin Roby
Robert Katzberg
Bud Barber
Zeke Cervantez
The below list is from early 2023 when the Reunion was first being planned. If those individuals are still planning to attend let me know, I will then move you up. If you want email included indicate (yes)
Total Today 01/04/24 is ??
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