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  Photos Taken of  Buyboats by Ron Ingram of                     Timepiece Photo Services
Buyboat Capt. K
Buyboat from the past
Buyboat Georgeanna
Buyboat Georgeanna Working
Buyboat Margaret on Dividing Creek
Buyboat Muriel Eileen Locklies Creek
Buyboat on Dymers Creek
Buyboat WRP
Buyboat Mundy Point
Buyboat Margaret
Buyboat Underway
Buyboat at Oyster House
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Photos taken of Oyster Buyboats throughout the Cheseapeke Bay and Rivers. You may purchase prints of these photos and others from Ron at Timepiece Photo Services.

Ron Ingram lives in Montross, Virgina

Photos by Timepiece Photo Services

Ron Ingram -  roningram@earthlink.net
[2006]  Urbanna, VA  [2007]
Oyster Buyboat Georgenna.jpg
Oyster Buyboat at Oyster House.jpg
Oyster Buyboat Capt. K.jpg
Oyster Buyboat from the Past.jpg
Oyster Buyboat Georgeanna Working.jpg
Oyster Buyboat Margaret.jpg
Oyster Buyboat on Locklies Creek.jpg
Oyster Buyboat Dymers Creek.jpg
Oyster Buyboat underway.jpg
Oyster Buyboat WRP.jpg
Oyster Buyboat Mundy Point.jpg
Oyster Buyboat Margaret at rest.jpg
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