St. Francis Boys HomeEllsworth Kansas
Saint Francis Boys Home
!!!!!!!!!! to June 1963.

St. Francis Boys Home is part of the Episcopal Church. The Rev. Robert Mize Jr., an episcopal priest, founded Saint Francis Boys Home decades ago in Ellsworth, Kansas.  Fr. Bob had seen many youth disappear into the juvenile justice system and wanted to help them reclaim their lives.  I was one of those troubled juveniles. Father Peter Francis took charge of my life an gave me a chance to do something with my life.  The home had about twenty + boys living within its walls. The youngest I think was only six+ up to eighteen years of age. At eighteen you became an adult, at that time I dropped out of school and joined the Navy. This was a whole new world I didn't know existed. In 1972 I called Ellsworth High School about getting a diploma.  I was lacking 2 1/2 credits. Thru the navy I completed the course requirements and graduated with the class of 1972 with a diploma. I have always wondered if I started the day off with my right or left foot would I be somebody different today! But then I would not know everyone I know today!
Ellsworth Kansas
St. Francis Boys Home Ellsworth Kansas
High Schoolfootball class of 1964
Tried all sports except basketball