From begining of SES program to 100a and 100b test boats
   Surface Effect Ship (SES) 100-A 
March 1971 to January 1976.
It sure pays to have a different number of NEC's. I had all of the required NEC's needed for the position of ships operating engineer except one. I needed to be certified as a navy diver self contained (no mixed gas). Off to Key West to accomplish this with the current age cutoff being thirty at that time. If I remember, I was around twenty nine, a first class and used the club more than I should. The hardest part was running, the only thing behind me was the ambulance wanting to know if I wanted a ride back to make me drop the course. I made the mistake of going to club and running into some of the instructors which made it rough the next day. I passed, earned the NEC but it was rough on me. It was a great day when I picked up the navy divers NEC and my diver pin.
SES underway with Mount Rainier in back ground
SES underway Potomac River passing Mount Vernon in back ground
SES 100a and Hydrofoil underway in Puget Sound
SES 100a and Hydrofoil underway in Puget Sound
SES 100a with new bow rubber seal
SES 100a with new bow rubber seal and SES 100b underway
Just launched
SES 100a underway
SES 100a ubnderway with no structural mods
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Navy underwater swim school for divers, Key West Naval Base
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