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Irene & Pearl II is in the Bahamas. As you can see above a live aboard cruising buyboat. Captain Goodwin has sold the Irene & Pearl II to a long time friend. She is 54.6' x 16.5' x 5.7'.  Patrick Goodwin has owned the boat since Oct 86. She is the sister ship to Iva W and was previously owned by Milton Parks, Tangier Island. Irene & Pearl II was built Deltaville VA in 1931 by John E. Wright.  She is, as always "questionably: one of the most beautiful ever built.

I will now try to give particulars. accomadation modifications were done to suite tropic climate. Widened the after hold approx 16 inches on all sides and put low profile cabin trunk, with one berth, enclosed head with bath tub. Forward cabin trunk was built onto original hatch structure, and has two large berths, drawers and hanging lockers carpeted and comfortable, nothing fancy, again, cabin trunk in keeping with her lines. wheel house, forward is all original, exception one berth fore and aft, starboard. Galley redesigned and is attrative, and very practical for tropics. Power, G.M. 12 V 71,  dry stack elimanated to wet exhaust. Fixed aluminum frame awning surrounds thf stern, and obvious tarp arrangement, foredeck. (tropics) steering converted to hydraulic with stainless steele rudder.  Fuel, 400 gals , water tanks , 260 gals. electronics, 32 volt starting system,  minimum lighting,running lights and bilge pump.  7 and half  Westerbeak generator,marine air below (for & aft cabins), R.V. air system wheelhouse. generous 12 volt panel, 12  volt bilge pump . No electronics to speak of, VHF, radar, Compass. Auto pilot ,needs replacement. Deck wash kept functional. Decks glassed within first year tropics.  Hull, major glass,  C. Flex system 1997, over kill! actual thickness, with fairing,  nears  three eigths inch. Planing boards removed  96. Thats a story all to itself. I suffered them for 12 years, thier removal  was an absolute joy. engine turns up twenty one & half  I cruise at 14 to 14& half and measure my speed at  ten (MPH) at 1 gal per. I have always chosen asthetics over comfort, and there by did little to deter from her graceful lines. Bow pulpit I fashioned from 4 by 8 pine, fastened to samson post,, two lengths, around stem , & puled together with roller. danforth sets comfortably, and attractively. 110 windlass. In closing for now, regarding the 12V71, Milton Parks liked to win work boat races. He owned I&P 25 years. I asked him how many races he won. He replied 24. I asked him what happened to year 25?  His answer "Didn't Race" .

Captain Nigel Bower will use the Irene & Pearl II as his working home.  If you get to the Bahamas stop by and see the Irene & Pearl II. To contact Captain Nigel Bower look him up at Powerboat Adventures.