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Dumfries, Virginia
Tims Rivershore
Motor Vessel PropWash
The following is a list of ports, rivers, creeks, marina's and museum's that are points of intrest PropWash has taken us too.

To read what PropWash did and places she visited underway as Old Squaw see letter from Hol Whitney on the two year 9,000 mile cruise he and his wife took.
Log of Underway, Pierside & at Anchor
Titusville, Fl
Norfolk, VA
Dennis Point Marina, MD
Monroe Bay, VA
Colonial Beach Yacht Center, VA
Tims Rivershore, VA
Tims2, VA and MD
Cobb Island, MD
Wiciomico River, MD
Hamptons Landing Marina, VA
Occoquan River, VA
Prince William Marina, VA
Fairview Beach, VA
Port Tobacco River, MD
St. Clements, MD
St. Mary's City, MD
St. George Creek, MD
Coan River, VA
Yeocomico River, VA
Nomini Creek, VA
St. Patricks Creek MD
Cather Marine, MD
Lower Machodoc Creek, VA
Poquoson, VA
Cape Charles, VA
Onancock, VA
Pocomoke City, MD
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[2006]  Urbanna, VA  [2007]
            As Old Squaw
Salmon Farm hauling fish food for Altantic Aquafarms INC. in Maine

Did the great loop as privat yacht of Holyoke L. Whitney from
Maine to Florida, offshore & ICW,
Okeechobee Waterway to
West Coast of Florida,
Gulf Coast to Mobile Alabama,
Tobigbee River, Tennessee River,
Ohio River, Mississippi River,
Minneapolis, Illinois River,
Chicago & Tour of  Great Lakes,
Lake Superior, St. Lawrence Seaway back to Maine
           As Agnes Sterling
Tainger Island and Chesapeake Bay. Worked out of Willis Wharf, VA. to Delaware for Cobbs Island Oyster Farms, J.C. Walker Brothers.
         As Wayne Christy
Washington DC at the fish market.